Hello all.

I feel the need to make a switch, a move, a shift of my energy for a little while. I started a Photo blog, you can find it here: piccomett.wordpress.com

I just want to focus on something beautiful for a while. In the last year i was so stressed out about my little boy that i lost sight of my passions, of myself totally. i was focused on him and getting him better. But i realize that at some point i have to accept that he is different on some level and this is not necessarily a bad thing. He is unique and since he is going to kindergarten his speech skills has improved significantly. He needs a lot of attention, but i can squeeze out some time for myself also.

This doesn’t mean that i will stop taking his diagnosis seriously, i just start to relax a bit. I need an active hobby, and photography was always one of my big passions. If you decide to check out my new blog, i welcome you with great pleasure. Besides i hope that i will be able to post here also, not as often but as my time and ideas allow.

I evolved a lot since 1 year ago when i started this blog, and i thank you all for yours support.


About Purple People Breeder

I am a mother, a wife and a woman, struggling with lots of ideas and i have lots of advice to give :p
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