It’s not likely that you ever forget being a mother once you become one but if you do, there are some things that remind you constantly and anywhere you might be.

The other day i was taking a shower, alone, and when i was finished i took a long look in the mirror. I can barely recognize my body. Being a mother is exhausting but when you are actually alone, or having some relax time, even than you can’t forget about your responsibilities.

I have reminders, lots of them. Looking into the mirror they are really obvious to me.

-my hair – well that wasn’t really pretty before either, but it has periods of falling out then growing extremely, and it never stays in place.

Imagini pentru bad hair

– my breasts – well that’s a sensitive topic. Back in the good days they were small but looked good. during pregnancy they were big and amazing and then after breastfeeding they got big and they got that hanging, dangling, wiggling thing going on… not pretty, at all.- =- Untitled.jpg

-my scars/stretchmarks – well they are everywhere, on my breasts on my belly…sometimes i feel like an exposed zebra. It’s interesting that my c-section scar is barely visible but the stretch marks they are there like never before.

-sweating – that’s the most embarrassing and uncomfortable thing. and it makes sure that i never forget about it. sometimes even after shower i start to sweat and in a blink of an eye i am a smelly skunk.

-then there is the hardest thing, doesn’t matter how much you struggle you won’t be able to get back in your old shape… well unless if you are really lucky.

-sex drive? – besides the most obvious and visible reminders there are others, that only you can feel, and they can be challenging. it’s 2 years since i gave birth and my sex drive is still nowhere to be found, believe me i looked for it very thoroughly.

In conclusion i wear these reminders proudly and i am willing to do everything for my boy, but it sure would be nice if i could afford a couple of plastic surgeries, or maybe these kinds of surgeries should be free for mothers.



About Purple People Breeder

I am a mother, a wife and a woman, struggling with lots of ideas and i have lots of advice to give :p
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