Rolling kidney stone!

Have you missed me? not so much. probably you haven’t even noticed that i was post-less for a while now.

Well just so you know it was horrible for me too!! Here’s the story.

I woke up one day with some pain in the abdomen and i went to the ER to check it out! first i thought i have some gynecological thing so i went directly there to get a consult. It was horrible,i had to wait several hours and my countries hospital system is a horror movie scene at best. They said that i have ectopic pregnancy, and they wanted to admit me into the hospital for stay and maybe to surgery. I knew that diagnosis was bullshit because i am on the pill and i just finished my period 2 days earlier so i left, i had to sign that i refused treatment.

By the time i got to the other ER i was having serious pain, and i had to wait 3 hours until they gave me some medication for that, i was sweating and trembling in the same time. Finally when they actually looked, they discovered that i have a kidney stone on the way down and some sort of kidney failure because of it.

The next day i had to go to the urologist, at another hospital, i still had pain  and they admitted me into the urology section and they scheduled an endoscopy (i think that’s what it is called) for the next day. I suffered 4 days of pain until they got the stone out, and it had only 3-4mm. The doctor said that it was making damages for weeks now, but i didn’t noticed it because i wasn’t having any serious pain.

Now you may think that my suffering was over, yeah i thought that way too. But NO. Several hours after the intervention the pain came back again, just to discover that i now have a blood clot instead of the stone and that’s making my kidney nervous enough. So here we go again with the pain medication. It took only 4 more days to get rid of all the blood clots forming inside my ureter. So yey after almost 2 weeks of pain i am stone and clot free and not in pain anymore.

But obviously my happiness can’t last long enough because i have several little stones around my kidneys, and they can decide anytime to embark on a journey down.

Now i have some medication and lots, i mean lots of bruises on both of my arms because our sweet nurses can’t even collect blood or place an iv properly. Of course if i would have given them some motivation maybe they would have considered me human too.

I wasted 2 weeks of my time with that stupid stone, and i am very grateful to my husband, who took care of our little boy every day and he managed to work and to visit me in the hospital, he was a great help and he is a great man.


About Purple People Breeder

I am a mother, a wife and a woman, struggling with lots of ideas and i have lots of advice to give :p
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