Must haves in the first weeks!

It’s time to write about mothery stuff again! It’s been a while since i wrote something useful, i was whining and moping and feeling poetic but that has to stop, at least for now. I have lot’s of emotions and feelings to write about but when i would start the actual process of writing the words escape me and they run so far and fast that i can’t really catch up with them. I was reading some great blogs today and yesterday and i think i would never become that skilled of a writer to capture the emotions like those exceptionally talented bloggers do!

Today i will stick with my advice giving talents and i want to share with you the list of must haves at home for the first days and weeks with a newborn.

Before i write a list i would like to emphasize that when you come home from the hospital with a newborn you most likely will have visitors, less or more, but they will come to see the little prince or princess. You must be prepared or to accept the visitors or to turn them down with extremely good excuses. In my opinion the first week at home should be only mom, dad and little miracle time, but regardless i couldn’t stop the visitors to come either.You will need to serve them with some drinks and stuff, so it’s good if you have something prepared.

Now to the important stuff.

  1. First you need clothe for the baby, different size and colors. Not too much though, the above mentioned visitors most likely will surprise you with clothing and toys
  2. You must definitely need to have a crib, even if you would end up sleeping with the baby. besides the crib is great for decoration also, and you can use it to store diapers and other stuff too 🙂
  3. a sleeping bag, for me it was absolutely necessary, this way i could stop worrying about him getting cold at night.
  4. pacifier, well if you decide to use one. Or if you don’t have a choice because the little prick always needs a titty in the mouth.
  5. baby milk powder, just in case mommy factory shuts down unexpectedly.
  6. bottles, bottle warmers, sterilizer, things like that.
  7. diapers, oh yeah lots of them, because in the first days you will change them like crazy, every hour just to be safe. and with the diapers comes wet wipes too but it’s better to rinse with tap water instead of wipes at least in the first few weeks.
  8. a bath tub, and other hygiene products, scissors, comb, wipes for the eyes and for the umbilical area (we wiped that with alcohol from the pharmacy), don’t forget about bubble bath, just that the little miracle can feel truly pampered with,  like in a spa.
  9. towels
  10. you need to have some basic fewer medicine at home, but you always need to talk with a doctor before giving any to the baby
  11. baby toys, the more the better, you can always play with them while he/her sleeps
  12. a photo camera, you need to make pictures of the heir to the throne and you must post a few on Facebook too. For your envious friends to turn yellow!
  13. a night lamp to give you some light when the dark times come.
  14. let’s not forget about the most important thing, EARPLUGS for the husband because he is a working man and he needs at least 7 hours sleep at night to function. It doesn’t matter that you wake up to feed the baby hourly, no, he needs hes beauty sleep!
  15. If we are talking about him than we have to talk about us to, you will need a huge stack of vitamins, and you need to start taking them right away, do not wait until your hair starts to fall out and you will look like Smeagol from the lord of the rings.
  16. you also have to be prepared with some calm music and children’s songs
  17. an equally important thing is that you have a doctor, a grandmother and an experienced parent on speed-dial, just in case. You may noticed that i carefully separated grandmother (of the baby) and an experienced parent (preferably a good friend of yours who already had a baby) because you will need a modern perspective and help if something happens and you will need a grandmother to help when you have stuff to tend too.

I hope i covered everything, i always have the feeling that i forgot some important stuff to mention.

May my wisdom help and guide you through the hard days!

Thank you for reading!

p.s. you absolutely need a crocheted hat for the little one, they are so cute in them!!!


About Purple People Breeder

I am a mother, a wife and a woman, struggling with lots of ideas and i have lots of advice to give :p
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