Never say this to a parent of a toddler

It’s been a while since i started this blog, so i dare to assume that if you are reading what i write you most likely have a child of your own, furthermore you probably are a mother/father of an incredible little human being, and you are probably somewhere between 20-35 years old. Or maybe i’m wrong. Anyway you certainly know someone who is a parent, and has their own little interior designer, drawing on walls and rearranging the contents and even the furniture itself.

For you, reader, here are some things that you better never say to a parent of  a toddler, for you own safety.

1.Is he still waking up during the night?

I am hearing this question for almost 2 years now, since my boy was born, a week doesn’t go by without someone asking me this. If i am that fortunate that i can make a daily walk around the neighborhood and i don’t get asked by a neighbor i might even celebrate with champagne. oh, and by the way my neighbors are mostly elderly, and have memory problems. Hang me now. I think i exhausted all the polite ways to answer this question.

2.Do you sleep when you boy sleeps?

This is a good one, and usually follows the nr.1. It sure sounds simple, you get the toddler in bed, convince him to sleep. And right after that you go to sleep yourself. how i didn’t think of this before? oh yeah because the only time when i can actually do something, is when he sleeps. i couldn’t write this blog entry if he were awake, i couldn’t read a book ever…and so on. But i confess there were times when i was asleep before him because i was exhausted.

3. you will see the consequences later!!

This is my favorite it sounds like a threat but if you get angry about it, it can easily be converted to an advice. In just a few words it says that you are a bad parent and that the person saying it knows everything about how to do it right. And usually they are keen on giving more and more of their precious wisdom.

4. Leave the child with someone and go out, have fun.

This is actually nice when it comes from someone who can actually care for the toddler/baby, like a grandparent. But otherwise it sounds like an insult. It’s like you can put your child down like a furniture, turn your parent mode off and go have some fun, and he will be waiting on that same spot where you put him before.

5. This is not even the hardest part.

This usually comes from super experimented parents, grandparents, who know exactly when is the hardest part in raising a child, and they want you to know that it’s not now (now when you are barely standing, pushing the stroller on the street after a sleepless night when your son and moon has woken up 10 times and listened to his favorite bedtime music collection 4 times in a row, and he still had power to get up at 6 o’clock and to want to  take a morning walk at 8 o’clock, yeah definitely not the hardest part )

6. have you tried to let him cry a little? (as in, not to give him everything he wants when he wants)

To this i have nothing to say. Yes i tried, and he won!


About Purple People Breeder

I am a mother, a wife and a woman, struggling with lots of ideas and i have lots of advice to give :p
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