Is eastern Europe hopeless??

I was struggling with the title of this post because i wanted to be catchy so people would want to read it. But than again the people usually reading this kind of blogs and surfing the internet, already have a sense of right and wrong and are more – how to put this – more clever then the people who i would address this.

I am a mother, and maybe because of it i react more harshly to children being abused or treated unwell than other people, but i would like to think that i just have a normal reaction. In the past 2 weeks i heard several stories, happenings and had a few discussion with other people, mother about them, and i was left somewhat speechless of how dumb and stupid other people can be.

I was recently resolving some business, paperwork for the allowance we get for our boy until he gets 2 years old. I was sitting in the waiting room waiting for my turn, with several people (aprox. 10) sitting and waiting for several things. There was a mother with a little girl and the girl was misbehaving, running around and just having fun. The mother lifted her up and just throw her down on the chair, after that the girl was crying and the mother spitted on her, a mouth full of gross spit. I was left staring. Asking to my self WTF? This happened just down a few doors from the child protecting services, and obviously one of their workers saw the whole thing. The mother and the child were both taken into the child protection office and i don’t know what happened there i just know that they were out like nothing happened in a few minutes. The shocking fact for me was that all the other people, 10, from the waiting room started to talk, and they said that the poor mother doesn’t deserve to get a lecture about this because she was just disciplining her child. And they all agreed on this. More disturbingly, when i entered the office in front of which i was waiting for, and i  told them what happened outside, they agreed with the waiting room crowd. I started to wonder if this is the general attitude about child abuse in my country, we are extremely behind.

Then just a few days later i read online that in a nearby village a teenage girl 12 year old was raped. Her mother sent her off to buy some groceries at 2-3 o clock and she doesn’t returned, but the mother didn’t bother to look for her until 10 a clock. How can someone be that careless.

Another event that just happened a few days ago, a mother left her newborn baby (she gave birth in the hospital, took the baby home and then left it) in a grocery bag in front of a residential area. She put some diapers and clothes and a bottle of milk near the child in the bag. the baby was found after 2 hours crying. I was so angry about this think that i voiced my opinion in a local public group of mothers on Facebook, just to hear things like “the mother needs help” and “she just abandoned her baby because her boyfriend doesn’t wanted it” i mean WTF? again. How can you 1. get pregnant, 2. carry the baby 9 month, 3. give birth in a hospital. and in the meanwhile doesn’t think about the consequences. She could have gave the baby for adoption, or just leave him in the hospital in a more safe manner than a grocery back for god’s sake. Mothers like thees don’t need help they need a smack on the head.

I am literally ashamed that i live in a country where this kind of things happen on a a daily basis and no one cares, no one takes responsibility no one gets punished. How far are we from the civilization? How many more years have to pass so that we can feel safe in our homes and cities, how many more corrupt generations has to die out. For now i think that maybe that will never happen here, we always will be the worst of Europe.


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I am a mother, a wife and a woman, struggling with lots of ideas and i have lots of advice to give :p
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