Introducing solids 101!

Howdy readers!

I’ve been sitting on this post for a long time now. Since i started this blog i wanted to write about introducing solids. Now is the time to do it because if i wait any longer i might forget how i’ve done it 🙂 since my boy is already 21 month old.

The official recommendations are that you start introducing solids at 6 month, and there are some criteria that your baby has to fulfill like: “can sit upright and hold up his head”,or “Is curious, looking at everything around him”, or “Has mastered tongue movement”, “Seems hungry after getting hes portion of milk”, and so on and so forth. I don’t really think that you can know exactly when is the right time to do it. Some say that if you baby is on formula and not breast milk you can start at 4 month. In my opinion it’s irrelevant, the only thing that matters is what you as a mother/father can see and feel. If you are present in your child’s life you know when the time is right.

We started introducing solids at 5 and half month, it was my decision to start, because i wanted to go really slowly, and to be extra careful.

You can find lots of tables and charts on the internet with fruits and vegetables, specifying which one at what age you can give to your baby, they are almost all the same. It depends mainly on you, how you want to start and it depends on what region you are living because you want to give your baby fresh fruits and vegetables.

After i consulted with our pediatrician and i went out and brought fresh fruit, we started with apple juice (at 10.00 a.m.). The first day i gave him only 1 spoon, the second day 3, the 3’rd day 5 spoons and so on until i got to 10 spoons a day. The other meals remained breast milk. Usually after 5 days you can see if the baby has allergies to something. Then i introduced carrots along the apple, we started with 5 spoons and got up to 15 spoons in a few days. After this i added oranges, it was winter then so i had to chose from the fruits available in the store. He doesn’t really liked oranges so i put more apple and carrots in the juice. After a while the juice became more pulpy, and when i saw that he can swallow normally i introduced biscuits (no sugar) in the juice. By the time he had 6 month and  a half he had hes 10.00 a.m. breast milk meal  completely replaced with fruits.

Before i go on i will write down when i first introduced which fruit.

  • Apple – 5 and half month
  • Carrot – 5 and half month (it’s not a fruit but it’s excellent for making juice and it’s perfect paired with apple)
  • Orange – 6 month
  • Pear – 6 and half month
  • Avocado – 6 and half month
  • Peach – 7 month
  • Banana – 7 month

These  are the basics but after 8 month you can try almost anything, it really depends on what kind of fresh fruits you can find.

In the meantime at 6 month age we started soup and 2 course (mashed puree). We did it in the same manner as the fruits. This was for the 1,00 p.m. meal. First i made soup from carrot and parsley (it was not so good, but he liked it) and slowly i introduced other vegetables until we got to creamy soups and to other yummy stuff.

Here’s my order:

  • Carrot and parsley – 6 month
  • Parsnip – 6 month
  • Onion – 6 month
  • Fennel – 6 and half month (i read that fennel is really good and full of vitamins)
  • Potato, sweet potato, any kind of potato – 6 and half month
  • Zucchini – 7 month
  • Bell pepper – 7 month

At 7 month we introduced meat, firstly only in soups and after 2 weeks in the puree too. We started with chicken, turkey and beef. We introduced yolk around 8 month.

  • peas – 8 month
  • green beans – 8 month
  • Broccoli – 8 and half month
  • spinach – 8 and half month

From 9 month of age we sort of “went crazy” we tried asparagus, we started to give liver and lots of other things. After 9 month, if there were no allergies, you can try to feed him almost anything, of course prepared mashed. I think at 9 month we started simple Greek yogurt for hes 4,00 p.m. meal, he liked it very much. Also you can find lots of recipes special for babies on the internet, you can use them as inspiration, but anything that tastes good for you tastes good for you baby too!!!

Important thing is that while you are introducing solids and different textures and tastes, you maintain your daily breast feeding routine as long as your baby likes to. Our first and last meal of the day was breast milk until the age of 1 year.

And the one thing that i am especially proud of is that i never, i repeat NEVER gave to my baby jar food, prepared from the store. Everything he ate was home made, cooked by me, mostly in the steam cooker and it was  without salt until the age of 1 year. I don’t want to condemn those who gave their baby jarred baby food, but i wanted to do this right from my point of view and i did it!

My boy was a good eater as a baby and he liked to taste everything i made for him.

I hope there are some mothers for whom this post will be helpful and i am glad that i got it out there!

See you soon!



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