Down the rabbit hole!

It’s Easter!!! At least according to the Catholics!

It’s my favorite holiday, it lasts only 2-3 days and i can eat home made smoked ham, the best.  And i can put rabbit ears on my little boy 🙂 The cutest.


I have less and less time to write on this blog. With all that’s happening and the day to day activities, i can’t really sacrifice time to do what i like. I was always like this. I mean, if i see that we don’t have enough money (i mainly think that we should have more economies) then i usually cut back, i cut back on buying stuff for me, stuff that is not rally important or necessary, others often say that i exaggerate. That’s what happens with my time, now i have less, i feel that i have less, or maybe i have more things to do, so i cut back, i don’t read as much as i would like, i don’t watch my favorite TV shows, and now i don’t write that often here. Because if i do things that i like, i feel like i am putting myself in front of my boy.  If i let him alone to play for a time, although i am in the room with him i feel like i am neglecting him. I think i became overbearing  (if that’s the right word). His so called “diagnosis” did this to me.

ok now it’s late and i’m cutting back on sleep to write  here 🙂 so i have to go!

Happy Eater for everybody!


About Purple People Breeder

I am a mother, a wife and a woman, struggling with lots of ideas and i have lots of advice to give :p
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