Update 3. Am i doing this right?

This is update 3, as the other posts entitled this way, this is also about my experience in dealing with our “autism specter” diagnosis.

We recently went to our doctor/specialist to check how things are going. The good news is that we made lots of progress, at 1 year and almost 8 month he walks, runs, over all his physical condition and skills are “up to date”, i mean he does everything that other children this age do. Regarding to his skills, he can do 25 form shape sorter, he sorts based on colors and he once stared youtube and put on music for himself….

Talking about eye contact, he now makes a lot, he gives kisses even without asking. He sometimes responds to his name, and i can see that he understands most of what i am saying to him. He also knows what he is not allowed to do and enjoys doing those thing very much 🙂 like every mischievous kid.

Our main problems remain the lack of imitation and the lack of language. although i just observed an interesting thing today, i play with him and i try to show him something, like hit this ball, or put that toy there, and he looks but doesn’t imitate, however when i leave the room he goes and hits the ball and put the toy in its place.

The doctor encouraged us and said that he will recover 99,9 % until the age of 3 years. Of course if we keep up the good work that we are doing :). So i am hopeful.

An other thing came up during this session with the doctor, i don’t know how the system works in other country’s but where we live, i am allowed to stay home with my kid until he has 2 years. and after that i, and everybody else has the possibility to prolong this stay until he will be 3 years old, but only if the child has problems (like us). Unfortunately this means i would have to go and ask for a paper in which he is declared handicapped for 1 year, and he will be tested at the age of 3 and supposedly this paper goes away then. I have to say that in my country lots of mothers apply for this paper by using false diagnosis’s, such as overly attached child, or bronchitis. I think that no one really knows what will happen with this paper, because i asked and asked, and almost everybody says something else. I heard that the kid will have this in his records, and won’t be able to joint the military, won’t be able to be a politician, of a doctor, not even a stewardess. So here comes the reason for the title of this post. Am i doing this right? Because i don’t want to go and obtain this paper, i don’t want to mark my child for a lifetime, when there is no certainty that his actual diagnosis will be true a year from now. Or if i get this paper and he will want to go to be a soldier, or a police man and he won’t be able to do it because of me…..

I guess i already decided that i won’t go and get the paper, but i was amazed about how many mothers get it even when their child has absolutely nothing. I guess i am curious that this kind of thing happens elsewhere too? Or it’s just this godforsaken corrupt country?

p.s. oh and our doctor recommended for us to go and get is because we will need the money that the country offers in these cases because we will have to bring it back to them, for the speech therapist and the others….


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I am a mother, a wife and a woman, struggling with lots of ideas and i have lots of advice to give :p
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