Update 2 – Settleing

Hi all!

I am writing my second update about our journey between autism spectrum diagnoses-es.

Since i first noticed symptoms on my boy (1 month ago) he started to walk and he stands up alone without holding on to anything, he sometimes runs, walks holding toys, etc. We made lots of progress in the movement department, we wet to gymnastics a few times and it helped. That part is closed and checked with an A!!!

We are periodically going to speech therapist who helps with eye contact and other things. We also went to ask for a second opinion to a specialist. Yeah, that doesn’t went really well, i mean i was disappointed. He gave us some great advice, like trying son-rise and floor time therapy, (unfortunately we don’t really have access to that in this part of the world) but he also recommended us some powerful medicine.

I absolutely won’t give to my 1,5 year old powerful experimental medicine, which may or may not help him, but has a lots of side effects. I believe in natural methods more, i believe that using therapy is more beneficial.

So i settle, i settle by choosing therapy, and learning about son-rise especially, from the internet, because that i have unlimited access to. And i settle because i just can’t worry anymore (of course i will worry further, my middle name is worry), but i went crazy and back every day, and i’m tired!

I really hope that from now on i will be able to write some useful posts too! Meanwhile, thank you for bearing with me!


About Purple People Breeder

I am a mother, a wife and a woman, struggling with lots of ideas and i have lots of advice to give :p
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