Christmas past and present

It’s officially over, the Christmas crazy this year! 4 days of constant guests and visitors, questions and explanations, useless and useful advice’s. The struggle to keep a balance between being a good host and giving our child the necessary peace of mind he now requires.

It was hard, this Holiday season was, and is very hard for me. I am not used to a lot of company and guests. i like peace and quiet especially now, when i am at the brink of craziness with our boy having autism symptoms.

I really hate when some people just come and say: “look he’s playing so peacefully he has nothing you are just overreacting”.. almost like they say that i’m crazy based on a 5 minute assessment. They see my child twice a year for like 2 hours each time, but obviously they know better.

The other side of this are the relatives who try desperately to give you advice, why don’t you go to that doctor, in that country. Why don’t you put him in kindergarten, why don’t you go socializing to other children, etc, it goes on and on and on forever.

Oh and let’s not forget those who just look at you and then to the child and then to you again and you just see that they want to say something but they don’t.

Honestly, the past few days i felt like i am developing autistic behavior because of all the crazy that went down in here. It would be nice to have the luxury to not talk with someone or just go in the other room until they leave and to say that i’m autistic and that’s it, instead of smiling and trying to be nice when you really don’t care less about their new dress and makeup and new anything. HONESTLY.

The only beneficial thing that happened is, that i met with some family who were also in my situation with their child. Not only i got some kind of confirmation that autism in my family is a real possibility, genetically, but i also got some good advice and experience from the mother. And i am really grateful for that. She also encouraged me that my child does not have as bad symptoms as they had and they made really good progress with their child. This was the only + this year.

I am really looking forward to 2016, and to all this craziness to end, to being with my boy and with people i chose to be with.

Finally a picture of him, my heart and soul! He is adorable!



About Purple People Breeder

I am a mother, a wife and a woman, struggling with lots of ideas and i have lots of advice to give :p
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