Update 1.-Choosing a way!

Hello for all of you, who are curious about what we learned this past week, regarding to our boys health.

We had a homeopathic consult, at a local doctor, he asked a lot of questions, he also gave us some hope and encouragement. Obviously he couldn’t say for sure that my son does or does not have autism but he is leaning towards the “does not”. He gave us medicine, 2 homeopathic medicine, 1 vitamin which consist in Ca, Zn, Mg and vitamin D, and some other medicine for the little one’s brain (something that contains the necessary minerals, vitamins, and fat, etc that the brain needs). They are all natural and non invasive, that’s why i chose to give my boy this treatment over the other 2 recommendations we got from the other doctors. And also this doctor promised us that with this treatment we will definitely see improvement by the end of February next year.

We also had the follow up consult with our pediatrician, who, was 1 hour late, and we had to wait along with other for him to finally arrive, and he said nothing, no apologies nothing as to why he was late. This kind of attitude always disappoints me, especially when it happens in situations like this. He checked the boy’s blood test results (you remember those ones that came back perfect) and he said nothing about it, i tried to ask some question, but he doesn’t wanted to respond them properly. He now blamed me that i gave too much vit. D for my kid, opposed to the other consult a week ago when he said that my boy has vit. D deficiency. He gave us some vitamins also with Ca. And he categorized my boy as autistic, and recommended another 2 doctors, and warned me that if i want my baby to get a chance in becoming a normal person i will need a lot of money, because in our country this kind of care is very expensive. As opposed to what he said the last time, when he was 100% sure that the kid doesn’t have autism. I thanked him politely and i left, and i am certain that i will never go back to him again.

Bottom line is that we are following the homeopathic therapy, because we want to believe that approach and also that seems the most complex for us. Also we will go to swimming and gymnastics, but i think only after Christmas.

I had success in making an appointment in a nearby capital city at a specialist and we will go there in mid January, i hope he will be able to give a more accurate diagnosis.

With Christmas so close, i want to wish everybody a Happy Holiday, especially for those who are struggling with something, just forget about it all for 3 days and be happy, that’s definitely what i will try to do. Merry Christmas!!!


About Purple People Breeder

I am a mother, a wife and a woman, struggling with lots of ideas and i have lots of advice to give :p
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One Response to Update 1.-Choosing a way!

  1. Muddy mum says:

    Oh my! What a situation. Fantastic that you have a positive outlook at such a challenging time. I really do hope you get to see some more professional doctors in future – that one sounds horrid! Good luck with your chosen way!

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