Hard, harder, hardest

My days have become very hard recently, if you follow my blog, you obviously know why.

I am just using writing to express myself, in some way, because the tension is constantly building up in my family, and everybody is concerned, sad,  even angry. I am constantly preoccupied, with internet searches about autism, and autism spectrum disorder, and every word combination with autism that exists on the web.

In an early post i mentioned that my boy have symptoms and that he also was diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency, and he got his blood taken for some test. Well the tests came back perfect, on every level and the vitamin D is at 160 and it says that he has too much vitamin D, so now i just don’t understand the pediatricians diagnoses about hes vitamin deficits. Of course we have to go back to him, with the test results and i will question him. Sometimes i have the impression that i know more about this stuff, than he is, because today is the 4-th or 5-th day that i’m constantly researching about autism and vitamins and everything related.

Today i got angry and made an appointment for my boy to a Homeopathic doctor (i think that’s the correct name). i am desperate to hear something new, from someone, something i haven’t heard, something i haven’t tested yet.

Or even, i’m desperate to hear a diagnoses, a concrete one, an 80 % sure one, or something to know in what direction to go from here. because for now,

-i have a diagnoses from our ped. that he doesn’t have autism (that’s what he said but he referred us to the neuro-psichiatric consult). He also said that we have vitamin deficiencies, which was denied by the test results, so??? i don’t understand. Also based on the fact that my boy got diarrhea after drinking cows milk, any kind of cows milk, we made a super duper allergy test, which showed no allergies to nothing whatsoever. So??? again don’t understand.

-I have another diagnoses, from the neuro-psichiatrician, she said my son has signs from the autism spectrum, she gave us a truckload of vitamins, and she sent us to other consults, and to do gymnastics..which we are planning to go, and do.

-And last, i have my research, which says that not responding to his name at 17 month is a major sign for autism, the other stuff, eye contact comes and goes, in this past 3 days, his walking has improved significantly, he even started to say babababa, tatatata, and mmmmammmmaa, but i’m worried because these seems to be just repetitive syllables. Pointing is also weird, he points but only to some things, for example he has a pillow with some cartoons on is, he points to that, but not to books or other stuff.

After all this i am really curious what we will learn next week, when we have the follow up with the ped. and the homeopathic consult. I really hope that i will have the time and energy to come back with updates, because there are just so many cases like this on the internet and very few have a full description. And also writing this down kind of helps me summarize what’s happening.


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I am a mother, a wife and a woman, struggling with lots of ideas and i have lots of advice to give :p
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