Looking for some hope, and positiveness


I didn’t wrote for a long time, and i think i won’t be able to write more often in the following month! i was all proud with my advice’s and experiences with babies and i was confident that i do most of the things right and good.

Now i’m less confident and i may need advice from others with more experience in the situation that i am in at the moment.

My son, now 17 month old, just today was diagnosed with symptoms from the autism spectrum. Also he has vit. D. deficiencies, shown by the fact that he doesn’t started to walk yet and he still has the gap in his head.

I became aware of his symptoms 2 month ago, but now i think it started  earlier, the main concerns are that he doesn’t respond to his name, doesn’t point, and doesn’t make eye contact often. When he plays alone he likes to stay alone. He has a form of stimming, he rocks himself back and forth.

As i said he is just 17 month old, so we noticed it early (even earlier but, everybody said that he will catch up so, we just now got to the point that we and our pediatrician acknowledged it) and he has a chance to get better, and fully recovered, as we were told. In the following month we are prepared to do further investigations and ask other specialist for their opinion.

Also we will do gymnastics, and baby swimming to help him get the balance figured out and the walking part. We got some basic vitamins for brain development like omegas, etc. And of course we have to play a lot with him, and exclude all television and all the flashy, noisy toys.

I am inexperienced in this kind of stuff, but i read a lot about similar cases this weekend, i also cried a lot.

Mainly i wanted to write something down because i know that i was desperate in the past few days in finding some article from persons who actually got through with this kind of problems and who had a positive outcome, full recovery, things like that.

As i said i won’t have time to write often, but i will write from time to time, with updates i hope that they will be positive posts from now on.



About Purple People Breeder

I am a mother, a wife and a woman, struggling with lots of ideas and i have lots of advice to give :p
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