Trying to feed a toddler! Tips and tricks!

I planned on writing some useful things about introducing solids into a babies diet (the 6 month milestones), but i decided to push that into a later post and focus on some other useful stuff. How to get food into a toddle (12-16 month).

Feeding techniques tried and approved my me:

Technique name/description: The flying airplane spoon;

Children’s response: Grabbing the spoon full of food and throwing it in a totally unexpected direction, fly little spoon …fly.

Results: Food all over the kitchen walls, none inside the toddler.


Technique name/description: Mimicking an open mouth along with making the sound “aaaaaa”.

Children’s response: Just before you put the food in his mouth he shuts it and laughs hysterically, or when you actually put some inside it comes back instantly with the sound pfuhh.

Results: The whole family is happy because the baby is laughing, but no actual food gets eaten.


Technique name/description: self feeding, you put little pieces of bread or biscuit in front of the baby and while he is preoccupied feeding himself with that you sneak some food in his mouth.

Children’s response: Doesn’t know what’s happening for a while, then when he realizes he starts to throw away the bread and biscuit.

Results: Succes, at least 5,6 spoon full of food gets inside the toddler.


Technique name/description: Dancing grandma, grandma is dancing or making pica-boo at the other side of the table.

Children’s response: Hysterical laughter.

Results: 5 more spoonful of food inside the toddler, most of them ending up in his lungs, and a fit grandma.


Technique name/description: Giving up and using modern techniques, putting on some children’s music on a tablet

Children’s response: Children eating apparently.

Results: The food is eaten, the parents are happy, and when you want to retrieve the toddler from his chair you discover that at least a third of his food ended up in his laps, when you weren’t paying attention.

Those were my techniques. Any other experience you had?


About Purple People Breeder

I am a mother, a wife and a woman, struggling with lots of ideas and i have lots of advice to give :p
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