I just can’t walk by and don’t write anything about what’s happening around me.

My sister in law had a little boy recently 3 weeks ago to be precise, he was born at 25 weeks so he was a micro preemie. He died 2 days ago, in the hospital. i don’t want to write any more details because i don’t want to invade their privacy.

They live in a different country so we haven’t met the little baby, but what happened was very shocking for the whole family. We are talking via Facebook, and i just couldn’t find any words to say to her. What can you say to a mother who’s child just died? I ended up saying that the baby felt their love while he was living and he was happy that little time, and that they have to be strong because their other child (2 years old) needs them. And also that if they need any help we will be there in no time.

The second i sent that message to them i felt like a huge liar, because i think that little baby was suffering a lot, getting drugs and being hooked up to all kinds of machines, unable to breath alone. But i didn’t know what else to say.

Just like now, i don’t have the words. I look at my little boy playing near me and i am glad that this tragedy doesn’t happened to me, because i most likely wouldn’t have survived it. It would be the best if things like this wouldn’t happen to anyone.


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I am a mother, a wife and a woman, struggling with lots of ideas and i have lots of advice to give :p
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4 Responses to Grief

  1. moonskittles says:

    This hits me hard.. my sister had to go through the pain of losing her child 6 years ago.. there is nothing we can say that will take away the pain, but just being there, somehow makes them feel that we understand.. Hugs!!


  2. spicepinkie says:

    I’m sorry. It is something she will never forget. My mother talks often about ” her sister “. She died when she was 6 months. I cannot even imagine the pain that your sister and her family is going through.
    She needs you know, more then ever.


  3. Creating Memories says:

    In sorry for such a tragic event in your life. I can’t say I know how to grieve with a situation like this, but be there for her as she needs you more than ever. Hug your loved ones extra for you never know when their time is.


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