The ultimate hobby – when you have kids

Hello all!

Today i want to write about a recent passion, hobby of mine. It’s related to this blog’s topic because i think it’s an excellent way to involve our children in outside activities, in learning new things and having fun at the same time.

I’m talking about Geocaching ( it’s a treasure hunting game, which is becoming more and more popular in the region where i live. I started to play it last year, with the thought in mind that it will be an excellent way to spend time together and have fun when my boy will be a little older. The game is about finding hidden boxes, treasures in different location. The boxes are hidden by other players, usually at interesting spots, places where you can see or learn something new and worth your while.

To become a player, all you need to do is register at the official site, it’s free, and after that you can search and browse boxes hidden nearby, or in any place on earth. You also need to have some kind of GPS device (although i heard about ppl searching without any). I’m making it work with my Samsung tab, it’s a little bit harder but it works most of the times. So you have a user, you found caches nearby, now you just download their location/coordinates on your GPS device, either saving them directly from the WWW, introducing it manually or using one of the free/paid apps designed specially for this game (there are a few good apps on app store, some are even free). Now you are ready to go outside and search for the cache. The fun part is, if a cache is large enough it usually contains a small gift inside (placed by the previous finder), this is how you find a little treasure which you can take, but make sure to bring something with you to replace the gift, to make sure that the next treasure hunter also receives something. In my opinion this is a huge motivation for kids. When you accumulate a little experience in geocaching, you can hide your own cache. More information about this all you can find on the official site ( They also organize meeting and group cache hunting’s, you can participate on those too, some are free, some not.

Summing it all up, you get to spend time using your PC, in research, you learn new thing about various places around the planet, you spend time outside searching, maybe find a little treasure, get to make pictures of beautiful places, socialize with other ppl, and finally returning home you can brag about your finding on social media. In my opinion it’s the perfect hobby for children and adults too.

Finally here are some photos from my recent caching, just so that you see that i know what I’m talking about. I am also a proud owner of 2 boxes hidden in my hometown, and i am planning about hiding mooooore!




IMG_2041  IMG_2056


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2 Responses to The ultimate hobby – when you have kids

  1. Muddy mum says:

    It’s strange to see photos of somebody caching and really that’s how you too look. Sadly I don’t think my invisibility cloak works! 😉


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