Mothers and Birthdays…. and dreams!

Somehow i don’t feel comfortable anymore celebrating my birthday, which was last weekend by the way.

I feel that after having kids, mothers only grow older and older. You see your kids growing up really fast and when you eventually have time to check yourself in the mirror, 1 or 2 years passed and it really shows. You are no longer the center of your own attention, so except for the “supermoms” you don’t have time to spend on makeup and trying on a dozen sets of outfits before leaving your house.

I feel more comfortable celebrating my boys birthday and as about me i like much better to celebrate our wedding anniversary then my birthday. It’s like the date when i was born becomes too far, distant and loses it’s importance. Of course i get a cake and presents from my close family but i don’t feel like throwing a party or a barbecue for friends.

Every day that flies by is a day wasted with pathetic problems, we are faced daily with work, with making food, cleaning, and we don’t have time to enjoy life, we are so preoccupied on earning a living and making stuff that we don’t realize how little time we have, so i refuse to celebrate my birthday because for me it symbolize passing time.

I just recently stumbled upon an article about how we use our life-time, its really interesting, you can read it here

It’s amazing how much time we spend on things and we don’t even notice. Only if something radically shocking happens around us, then we see that we are wasting time. For example a close death experience or, a tragedy in the family, then everyone makes a bucket list and thinks about achieving their dreams. Well i have lots of dreams and goals, but will i be able to do them all?


And will you be able to do your dreams? Are you able to enjoy the present? To make it worth living? I think very few of us are, it’s in our nature to be preoccupied with daily arguments and misunderstandings. To those very few who can manage it all, PLEASE SHARE YOUR SECRET WITH US!


About Purple People Breeder

I am a mother, a wife and a woman, struggling with lots of ideas and i have lots of advice to give :p
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