Some thoughts about motherhood!

Well, you bloggers are a tough crowd, i always feel the need to write about new stuff to stir up your interest and make my blog a must read. Obviously what’s interesting for me, may not be interesting for you.

BUT my thoughts today are about an old topic, and a frequently used one: Motherhood!

Starting right in the middle of the subject, there WERE some days when it was really hard, waking up 4 times at night, being up all day after and doing what you have to do to try to be a good mom, thank god those days/nights are behind us. Now that my breasts aren’t his main interest anymore, i can have a good night sleep, most of the nights.

From my point of view motherhood is a series of compromises, sometimes hard, sometimes challenging but most of the times joy-full. In the first year you just try to remember every moment to capture everything with pictures or little videos, to make lots of cherished memories, you may think “i would never forget this face he is making” but sadly with the rapidity of our lives we forget, so i tried to make lots of pictures about my baby, i wrote down when he started to eat solids, and which was the first, which of them did he liked, and so on. But as the time passes you have less and less time to write down things. You have to constantly keep an eye on the little one as he crawls around the house and like a little conqueror, he takes up on discovering everything. My little hero is really stubborn, he doesn’t listen when i try to explain stuff to him, he just crawls away and touches everything, chews on everything, throws  everything and he is really concentrated on the sounds that objects make when thrown away. He likes to figure out stuff on his own. I hope though that we will get soon to the phase when he will starts asking about things “whats that? whats that?”.

Motherhood is also hard, very hard even when your little angel gets sick and you feel helpless, you can only give him the medicine and you can see that hes suffering, he is too little to understand why it hurts when he swallows, he is hungry but won’t eat because of the pain. That feeling that you can’t help him, can’t make it all go away with your love is devastating.

Some mothers say that motherhood is all about beauty and happiness and only joy, and you won’t even notice the bad days, but it’s not true at least for me it’s not. I notice the bad days because i feel like a failure on those days and it makes me try harder.

Motherhood is a commitment, a huge one at that, a commitment to yourself as well as to your child. A commitment on making the best of it and raising a respectable human being.

Ultimately motherhood shatters you to pieces, starting from the moment you first hold your child in your hands, just to rebuild you piece by piece, little touch by little touch, smile by smile. To make you into someone new, someone more powerful with a new perspective of life. Fills your heart with ultimate appreciation about the wonders of nature, the wonders of creating a new life, soul. It can easily be the ultimate accomplishment, being a mother, and it definitely is a privilege for us women.


About Purple People Breeder

I am a mother, a wife and a woman, struggling with lots of ideas and i have lots of advice to give :p
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