Eat, sand, love your baby!

Here I am as i promised to check back with our experiences about how our vacation went. First vacation with our 14 month old.


We chose turkey for our first vacation with the baby, it was a simple choice because we needed all inclusive style hotels, so we could relax and don’t have to worry about the food. We chose the Crystal paraiso verde resort from Belek, Turkey, and the reason that i mention the hotel’s name is because it was a nice hotel, and good food, and i really recommend it if you are looking for a nice vacation with a child.

At first it was a challenge to balance our needs and the little one’s comfort, but after 1-2 days we got the hang of it. We didn’t go to any of the optional trips that were offered by the travel agency because all were long trips and with a little kid its hard to manage staying on a bus 3-5 hours. I only got to go to the shopping trip because i got free transportation from the travel agency, so i chose jewelry (everyone goes to jewelry shopping in turkey) and souvenir shops. All in all the shopping trip was a disappointment for me, firstly the sales woman followed me around like some little dog, to the point that she almost ran into me when i made a sudden stop to check out something. Secondly i was told that i could negotiate the prices, but they didn’t wanted to negotiate, when i found a nice ring and i saw the price tag i almost fainted, even with the 50 % discount it was a large amount of money for a ring and i discovered that the jewelry’s were much more cheaper at my home country and as the matter of fact any country in Europe. I don’t really understand why tourists go to buy jewelry from turkey, maybe they are fooled by the 50% discount and they don’t actually see the price because they are so happy that they received discount. I don’t know. I really got out of that shop as fast as i could. Then the souvenir shop, well that was a huge one, they had everything you can imagine. My goal was to buy some Turkish delight and i did just that, but i couldn’t help myself to check out the bag section, there i found D&G and Givenchi and other famous designer bags…. i think they were fake though because the metallic inscription had a rough edge to it, and they were kinda ugly-made. most of the price tags were above 700 euro so i hurried out of there. In conclusion i don’t recommend to anyone to shop from turkey.

Now back to the hotel, it is the perfect place to stay with a child, they give you special bed for babies, they have kids buffet, there is a mixer in the restaurant so you can prepare food for little babies, the hotel has a huge pool only for kids with lots of slides, the rooms are cleaned every day, the staff is very nice. The food is plenty, we had everything that we could imagine, well except pork meat. The beach was big and sandy, all the good things.

IMG_1824 IMG_1844 IMG_1936 IMG_1755

They have an ultra all inclusive system, at least that’s what they sell to tourists, ultra – meaning that you can have import alcohol like whiskey etc for free, actually that’s not true, when you are there you realize that you only can drink local drinks for free, i tried to ask the travel agency but they said the hotel can make changes about their conception of what they serve.

At the end of our stay we were “forced” to check out the services of the insurance company also. Our boy got a big fever and we had to call for a car to take us to the hospital, which was free. we got a prescription there and than the car took us to a pharmacy, well we shouldn’t have let the car to take us to the pharmacy because i payed 50 euro for some antibiotics, ear drops and nose spray. I figured out that they had some kind of understanding, the pharmacy and the driver, because later that day i had to run to a nearby pharmacy, near the hotel to get some more medicine for fever and it costed me only 1 euro, that’s a huge difference. And off course the insurance doesn’t cover the medicine.

Considering everything, we had a good time, we even managed to relax a little bit and to play with the little one a lot.


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