If you have a gamer husband get your “slang” up to date!

That’s wright, let’s talk about gamer husbands, it seems like they are a separate species. They are spread all over the world, they need only simple things in their habitat to sustain them like a computer, some online games and beer. They can be really cute sometimes that’s how they catch their prey, and they marry them soon. After a few years they find time in their busy schedules to procreate and that’s how they sustain their species.

Enough with the biology for now. Obviously i am married to one of them, and we have a kid…. now i discovered some “slang” that i can use to get my gamer husband’s attention. I think i will use these as a last measure, in hope that i will have some success breaking through. I shall share with you because i think there may be lots of women in my position, and i hope this will help others too!

  • the baby needs to be changed in some clean clothe = honey can you please equip him with some new leggings, breastplate and maybe some helm.
  • we need to buy new clothe = our characters warehouse/stash chest needs an upgrade
  • you need to play with him = he has to earn some new skill points or maybe upgrade some spells
  • he’s birthday is tomorrow = he will level up tomorrow
  • he needs to take a bath with him = you need to make a party and enter the underwater dungeons
  • he just broke another toy = he crystallized some items while trying to enchant them

These are for mmorpg players, games like lineage or diablo. I think i covered the basics for now, but you are always welcome to write some of your own in the comments below!


About Purple People Breeder

I am a mother, a wife and a woman, struggling with lots of ideas and i have lots of advice to give :p
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3 Responses to If you have a gamer husband get your “slang” up to date!

  1. reenadaisy says:

    He needs to be fed = his health is running pretty low.

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  2. mikiren says:

    i can totally see myself talking like this as a mum in 10 years time…oh dear. XD


  3. I have a Gamer Husband and absolutely loved this post. So true! There was a comment about levelling up when our little boy turned one.

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