Child play with synonyms!

Hi all!

As you may have guessed my first language isn’t English, but when i read books i always read in English, when i am watching a movie or a TV series i always prefer to watch it without subtitles. Recently i have read a great book and i stumbled upon an expression referring to a child/baby. So i started to wonder how many synonym, expressions are there in the English language that you can use when you talk about babies/children.

Here are the usual ones that you may use in your everyday life: child, infant, kid, youngster, preschooler, little one, toddler, baby, angel-face, babe, button, crawler, bambino, buttercup, chick, dumpling, little angel, little darling, little doll, newborn, nursling, preemie, suckling, tad, minor, offspring, cub.

And here are the interesting ones, i mean interesting for me because i rarely heard them or i didn’t heard them at all until now:

  • tot – this one also refers toa small portion of a beverage, especially a dram of liquor” and it has British origins.
  • rug rat – which is synonym with curtain climber 🙂 – and it is used in Canada referring to a child that is not yet walking.
  • bairn – a child, used in northern England.
  • cherub – from Theology, a member of the second order of angels, often represented as a beautiful rosy-cheeked child with wings. A beautiful or innocent person, especially a child. A child, with a sweet, chubby, innocent face.
  • papoosea North American Indian baby or young child.
  • ankle biter – this is of Australian origin and it is referring to a small dog or a small child
  • sprout – this one coming from plans biology.
  • tyke – a small child
  • whippersnapper – an unimportant but offensively presumptuous person, especially a young one. probably blend of earlier whipster and snippersnapper, similar in sense; see whip, snap, -er1
My favorite is ankle biter, just recently my baby started to crawl and he bites too, so i think this is the best one from all, i like curtain climber also, but i hope we won’t get to see that 🙂
I used:, and, for finding synonyms and meanings of the words!
Dear reader, you are very welcome to comment, and say which one you like or if you know any other synonyms that i might have missed!
Have a good day!

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3 Responses to Child play with synonyms!

  1. Doug says:

    They say there’s the “terrible two’s” when a child reaches two-years-old and says “no” to everything, and runs wild. When they are a little older and can articulate all the things they want, they become “brats”, but I think you’ve found just about everything. Well, maybe, there’s juvenile, and juvenile delinquent. Oh, did you leave out the most common one: “kid”. Actually “kid” is a baby goat. It’s interesting how so many animal names are used.

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    • Yeah, many originates from animals and plants, i noticed that in other languages too! We are not yet at 2 years, but i can see that hes preparing for that period 🙂 he allready has hes personality, and refuses things that are new or odd to him, mostly new food…:) thanks for your imput!


  2. Momma says:

    My dad always called my sisters and I “munchkin” and “pilgrim.”

    Both, I’m so used to. I’ll probably end up calling my kids them.

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