Top 5 perks of being pregnant!

Hello to all my sweet readers!

I just realized a few days ago how fortunate can be to be pregnant, i was looking through my old pictures from when i was pregnant and i really could see how happy i was! Therefor i decided to write my top 5 list of things you can do when your pregnant but can’t get away with when you are not!

  1. Number one, my favorite, YOU CAN EAT WHATEVER AND WHENEVER YOU WANT and you don’t get judged because of it! Also you just have to stare at anyone who is eating something delicious and they automatically will ask if you want a piece. When you are at a restaurant for example and you order a huge portion of food no one will judge you they smile and probably think “the baby is craving it”. I really took advantage of this when i was pregnant and ate a lot, miraculously i only got 11 kg + in addition to my normal weight.
  2. Number two, this is a good one, you can enter anywhere and ask to use the bathroom because you don’t want to use the public ones, and they will gladly allow you, if you’re lucky they even get you some sweets for the tenant of your big belly. Yeeey! I remember going into a very little pharmacy and asking for the bathroom and they offered me water or juice.
  3. Number three, a big one, you can cut in front of any line, at the bank, at the grocery store,pharmacy, etc. You can spare a lot of time this way and everyone will gladly give up his place in line for you. Maybe it’s because they fear that you go into labor right there… The only place where this trick doesn’t worked for me was the doctor’s office, i know, that’s the only place you absolutely have the right to cut in front of any line, wright? but where i live, the doctor’s office is full of old and bitter people who go there to chat with the doctor and to get their monthly receipts for medicine. They dress up for the occasion they get makeup on (at age 70 +) especially when the doctor is a man. Although i had only little business in my doctor’s office (getting some papers and some references for my ob) i always had to wait, and at some time i ended up changing my doctor anyway…
  4. Number four, you can sleep all day if you want, everybody will say that your body is tired because of it’s occupant, and that you need to rest. Obviously this is for those women who can sleep and rest, towards the end of my pregnancy i barely could sleep at night, i was so anxious to see the little miracle i had in my belly and he was always playing some hard core sports in there so it made impossible for me to sleep.
  5. Number five, the last one, i didn’t tried this one but i heard stories when it worked. Getting out of speeding tickets or parking tickets, you can just say that you weren’t feeling well or some other excuses and the police will get over any minor thing you committed and will help you to get home safe :).

That’s my top five! You are welcome to share yours at the comment section of this post! I hope you enjoyed! take care!

P.s. Oh i almost forgot Number 5′. you can have all the unprotected sex that you want, if you are up for it! wink wink!


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I am a mother, a wife and a woman, struggling with lots of ideas and i have lots of advice to give :p
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1 Response to Top 5 perks of being pregnant!

  1. Momma says:

    You can dress however you please, because all that matters is that you are comfortable!

    Everyone offers you their seat.

    You forgot something from the car? Mention it as you get up. Someone else will get it. 😉


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