Relaxing with a baby in the house!

Funny how those two words sound together, relaxing and baby, mothers all over the world can prove that those two doesn’t go together in a sentence, but somehow we manage to survive the hard times and focus on the beauty of it all, although for some of us is harder than for others.

I keep seeing constantly posts on Facebook groups and forums and blogs about  postpartum depression about mothers who get tired and go into depression because they cant find time to themselves while raising their baby.

In my case obviously I HAD HELP lots of it  from my husband from my mother and family so you would imagine it was easy, well it wasn’t, because i am not that kind of a person who accepts help often and i wanted to control everything in my child’s life. I wanted to be there anytime he would need me. We have 13 month but even now i don’t like to leave him with somebody else alone.

At the first few month we had to get used to each other the baby had to get comfortable in our home and he is so fragile that you never know whats happening with him, hes crying about his tummy or about the teeth and when you get to the period when he is older and tougher he starts to crawl and walk and you have to watch him like a hawk.

The question remains how to relax, and how to relax being there for your child, my method was simple, i had help in the house meaning that i didn’t had to cook, so when the baby slept in the first 3 month i slept with him so i could rest because he would get up 4 or 5 times at night to breastfeed, but after that at the age of 4, 5 month he formed a sort of a daily routine and when he slept i was able to relax. What to do in that time when the baby sleeps? Others may think “you go and clean the house” or “make the bed” or “get the laundry and the ironing done” either of them are wright…. i started to read, i read, i read romance novels because i discovered that’s my favorite genre (who thought) and because i also run out of all the good TV series to watch (i watched them all when i was pregnant and couldn’t sleep at night).

I started with 50 shades of course, it was to much of a hit not to read it, after that i started searching for similar books, i discovered the Crossfire series (all time favorite, and I’m looking forward to reading the last book from the series).


  After those i read Gabriel’s inferno, another good book but not so good as the above mentioned. I read from the harlequin blaze series also just for relaxing and because those are shorter books and you can finish them quickly.

  • But be careful if your husband is there and he’s looking at you with all his sexy eyes  don’t you dare ignore him in favor of the books, sex can also be relaxing, and strengthens your relationship –

Now i am extremely happy because browsing trough blogs here i found an amazing one with the title Romance novels for the beach (, and it has reviews of great novels and it reminded me how much i like to read romance.

I recommend for every mother who feels the need to just get away from the daily stress of raising a child to read some crazy romance novel or if your not into that some other book you like.

Enjoy, and get unstressed!


About Purple People Breeder

I am a mother, a wife and a woman, struggling with lots of ideas and i have lots of advice to give :p
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