For starters!

Hello all!

If you made it to my blog i would like to welcome you here, it is a pleasure having you read my posts! i am a mother for my adorable little boy, i am a wife for my hardworking husband and i am a woman (honestly i didn’t got time to be that for a while now).

You most likely will find on my blog my personal experiences of being a parent, posts about stuff that i make for my little boy and highlights of interesting things from the WWW. Also you will find lots and lots of advices, about all kinds of stuff (isn’t that what all women do? give advice?). Probably/sadly you may find some grammar mistakes in my writing, i apologize for that, but if you are good hearted you can just consider them as part of the writers liberty… So it will likely be in weekly posts for now because of my limited time, but nothings sure yet, we will live to see.

I have just one more thing to explain, my blogger name, its very important to me! so the first part is coming from a song/movie from 1958 Purple People Eater, you can read about that here i saw the movie when i was a child and it stuck, also a great actor is playing the child role (Neal Patrick Harris) my all time favorite! so going from purple people eater i altered the last word to breeder which means in slang: ” a derogatory term for people who have children, particularly for parents who purportedly over focus on their children and (allegedly) abandon their previous friends and lifestyle “. i would like to take on this term and instead of feeling “derogatory” about it, changing it by referring to it as a parent whose sole purpose and focus is his/her child, because that is what i am that is what i try to do the best.

Welcome again! Enjoy, and make me happy reading my writings!


About Purple People Breeder

I am a mother, a wife and a woman, struggling with lots of ideas and i have lots of advice to give :p
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One Response to For starters!

  1. reenadaisy says:

    For some odd reason, it isn’t letting me follow you. :c

    But maybe I should get off my phone and try to on my laptop! I love you posts so far! ❤


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